Modesty in Vanity

TULIQUE was launched in late 2018, nestled strategically within both the commercial and residential heart of Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya. A young yet not short of experiences and qualifications, Dr. Sam Wee, currently runs the practice with a lot of heart and passion. He sets out to have a different strategy in his aesthetic approaches while keeping his flamboyant stature and cheeky personality intact.

Dr. Wee believes that vanity is all in it’s modesty, whether in its’ treatments or its’ prices. He aims to make his clients a better version of themselves without altering the essence of their individuality. TULIQUE caters to a niche area of skin specialization, mainly acne and acne scars while also providing a long list of aesthetic, wellness and rejuvenation treatments.

Our Commitment

Our service orientation is result-orientated: what the clients really need vs. what they want. We listen, we’ll take time to divulge into each concerns and educate them on all the procedures without using all the big aesthetic jargons. TULIQUE is here to give you an honest opinion, coupled with a modest treatment with the assurance of a non excessive premium fee.

Our Statement

We envisioned in making people live and age, aesthetically and responsibly, the affinity, the friendship, the bond and the educational approach built with our clients are the core mission of our brand.

Our Value Offerings

Aesthetics solutions with a modest yet professional approach of vanity treatment and services.