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Silky Glow Treatment

TULIQUE’s Silky Glow Treatment-­‐ a Microdermabrasion technique, with a 3-­‐in-­‐1 function of crystal tips that abrade the outermost and dead layer of skin, while delivering solution to cater to your skin’s need and a suction to clear off the debris of your skin. Leaving it, yup…. Silky & Glowy!

Acne Flush Treatment

We’ve said it before -­‐ Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your smile.

TULIQUE’s Acne Flush Treatment -­‐ Using chemical peel that contains Glycolic and Salicylic Acid, the solution that’ will rid of dead skin cell towards a luminious radiant looking skin. Reduces all acne prone problems from breakouts, redness and pigmentations and flushed out with consistent treatment and care.

A pretty ‘smizey’ of course.

Perfect Gaze Treatment

That perfect gaze. That red carpet glow. That picture perfect.

This quick fix, party glow treatment will gives you an instant glow and rid of a dull looking skin. Our Perfect Gaze treatment is a client’s favourite – it’s soothing, fast and truly is luminiously perfect.

Botox Treatment

‘What goes on in the abstract art is the proclaiming of the aesthetic principles. Art never can be imitation”. It goes wrong when it’s not clearly defined. It’s not as simple; it’s not complicated either. TULIQUE can make it painlessly satisfying.

Deep Spa Ap Flush

Unlike Acne Flush, Deep Spa AP uses Retinoic Acid as the dead skin solution. It’s a little more concentrated and as the name itself, it penetrates the deeper layer of your skin in flushing out the rooted acnes.

Pure Radiant Plush Treatment

Pigmentation, visible pores, hydrated skin…we know. It’s painfully annoying. TULIQUE’s Pure Radiant Plush Treatment uses your own blood as the nutrient for your skin -­‐ activated platelet is used to enhance skin quality from inside out. Results? Simply….purer, more radiant and obviously a plusher complexion.

CROSS InVsible Treatment

Our CROSS InVisible Treatment uses high concentration of Trichloroacetic acid to be dotted on every specific ice pick acne scars to release fibrous tethering of scar on the deeper layer of skin. Giving you the scar free skin and a Visible smoother skin.

LIFTdefined Treatment

It is what is says. A little happy lift, a huge redefining.
This is our sweet version of thread lift – redefining your face structure and lift up the saggy skins. It contours, sharpens and smoothen your face structure subtlely, without taking the identity or personality of your face.

RS Sam’s Craft Treatment

“If a work of art is rich, vital and complete, those who have artistic instincts, and those to whom ethics appeal more strongly than aesthetics will see its moral lessons”

It is not all about the product. It’s the craft behind it. The artist behind the painting.,the architect behind the design. Our genius? RS Sam’s Craft treatment – sweeps away acne and acne scars and repairs and renews your skin texture.

Evergreen Bounce Treatment

The concern of crackly, flaky and uneven skin tone is far too common in both men and women.

TULIQUE’s Evergreen Bounce treatment gives you the glow and radiant skin. It smoothen the skin whilst reduces pore size and fine wrinkles – a result of a happy, bouncy improved complexion

ArtFilled Evanescent Treatment

An everlasting beauty. Aging is inevitable. And it is actually beautiful; keeping the grace at it’s finest.

TULIQUE’s ARTfilled EVANESCENT treatment, is designed to increase the volume of our facial area, which has diminished during the process of aging. Fillers are a work or ART, you are a product of everlasting BEAUTY.

Blast & Renew – BR Plus Treatment

Using our CO2 machine, BR Plus treats skin with raised growth such as mole, warts and hardened sebaceous gland. The ideal choice of treatment for stubborn big and fluctuant acne and stubborn acne scars. If that’s not enough, BR Plus also blast away fine wrinkles around the eye and lips region.